• Commadant Reingard

    Commadant Reingard

    Commandant Reingard is a man in his early fifties. His face bears the scars of many wars, and his hair and whiskers are white. He usaully appears in Full Plate male with a horse crest helm and Pauldrens that show his crest of crossed longswords. He has a
  • Knuut Heinrich

    Knuut Heinrich

    Average height, fat man with a balding head and ugly features. His body odor is only less pungeant than his breath.
  • Romulous Hubbard

    Romulous Hubbard

    Red Brown Hair with Fiery Beard that covers a scar. Green eyes and sun hardened weathered face.
  • Thaddeous Blantch

    Thaddeous Blantch

    A Massive Knight, whose figure would impose even the most harden Knight.