Commadant Reingard

Commandant Reingard is a man in his early fifties. His face bears the scars of many wars, and his hair and whiskers are white. He usaully appears in Full Plate male with a horse crest helm and Pauldrens that show his crest of crossed longswords. He has a


Commandant Reingard serves as a Commandant of the Collumn in the White Army.

He has served faithfully for 35 years now, steadily advancing throughout the years. He served in the Eastern Crusade where he made a name for himself as a capable leader and strategist. He fought in the Battle of Fenston where he became known as the Blood Lord, as he lead his men into the thick of the battle and shouted orders to them while he bathed in the blood of his enemies.
During the Second Eastern Crusade he had achieved the rank of Field Major. It was his regiment that held the Goan Capital of Mejork, and he was promoted to Commandant of the Column after this victory.

The Commandant then took his leave of the Army to train future knights of the White Army. He returned to his alma mater The Academy and taught here for a short time before being summoned by the Army to serve on as specific task.

The Commandant then disappeared for a number of years before returning to the Army when the White Army was gathering its forces and organizing for the 10th Crusade into the Wastelands. As part of the Dragon Wars


Though the Commandant is a graduate of The Academy.
He leads a Column that has a majority of its clerics and officials from The Cathedrial. He is a war buff and a Paladin of Heironeous every standing in the face of evil, tyranny, and injustice.

He Has been awarded several medals and is a member of the following orders

Knights of the Lance

Knights of the Shinning Fist

It was said that Commandant Reingard has a lover once, but if she had any place in his heart, it was a very long time ago. For his life is dedicated to the army now.

Commadant Reingard

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