Thaddeous Blantch

A Massive Knight, whose figure would impose even the most harden Knight.


HP: 42
AC: 18

Fort: 6
Ref: 1
Will: 1

Greatsword: 9, 1d126
Shortsword: 8, 1d63

Weapon Focus: Greatsword
Great Fortitude
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Weapon Specialization: Greatsword


Detailed Description
Age: 44
Height: Tall (6’3"), with a muscular build.
Crusades: 5
Scraggly Brown hair with a scraggly pockmarked face, with depigmentation wear face was burned on left side. Gruff unforgiving demenour, sour attitude, and bold eyes.

>Oldest remaining member of Lance, has fallen out of favor with superiors due to “insabordination” and “Lack of faith”
Has a Knack for killing, and savage instincts.
Loyal to a fault, though tough “love” is all he knows


Corporal Blantch has been a part of the White Army for nearly 24 years now. An old fashioned Knight, Blantch was a page himself to a house Knight before being raised to squire for a lordling. Once Knighted, Blantch was sent on his first Crusade within months. Once Blantch returned from his crusade, he took on a couple of pages himself returning the favor of his house Knight. This method is often seen dated as the Schools are often viewed as the preeminant way of obtaining Knighthood, and offering a far superior training than simply serving as a squire for a landed Knight.

Thaddeous Blantch

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