Dragon Riders

The 10 Dragon Riders

The 10 Dragon Riders are the 5 Champions of Tiamat and Bahamut.
Dragon’s being the haughty, powerful, devious creatures that they are too proud to be rode as mounts. However Tiamat and Bahamut each chose a mortal from among the races to be Champion Paragon of a Breed of Dragon. These Champions had the ability to mount any Dragon of their breed, bending, beguiling, or bartering and cooperating their way onto the back of these mighty beasts.

Each a powerful being in their own right, a top a Dragon became a Demi-God. Indeed when their champions faced the mortal delimma, each Deity gave their Champion’s the ultimate gift, a Divine Spark. While their Rank is so small they could never be viewed as Deities, they are immortal and by all means a Demi-Gods.

The Champions of Tiamat

The Red Rider

The Blue Rider

Age: Unknown
Race: Drow
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric 10, Wizard 7

Retainers and Bodyguards

10,000 strong
5 Blue Dragons
5,000 Dragonkin foot-soldiers
2,000 Drow Archers
1,250 Drow foot-soldiers
500 Drow Clerics
150 Drow Assassins
100 Drow Wizards

The Green Rider

The Black Rider

The White Rider

Dragon Riders

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