The Infected first show up in the Dwarven Mines of the White Kingdom. After a poisoning of the ore veins, a pandemic breaks out among the dwarven populace infecting 80% of the population, some 3% remain immune to infection, the other 17% have yet to come in contact with the infection.

The dwarven outbreak started in the mine with the miners. The first notion that something was wrong came from the Ore itself, it being a sickly color and becoming brittle when refined. Those who mined the ore, carted the ore, and worked the ore soon become sick. The sickness did not bring a weakness or death with it, instead it brought an insatable anger that eventually caused the infected to go Bezerk and begin lashing out violently at all those around them. When multiple infected were in an area they lashed out at each other but eventually would stop, however when an infected found a non infected they would attempt to beat them unconsious. It is the breathing that determins the rage, a shallow breathing as one that has been infected is reduced to is calming, while a frantic breathing draws the rage of the infected. The same can be said of loud noises.

An infected individual will eventually form a pack with like infected, usually with infected they knew before they fell to the disease. They remain in a semi-concious state, acting more animal like than human.


Dwarven Infected
HP: 5
AC: 14
Damage Reduction: 2, the infected does not feel pain like a normal individual

Grapple: +4
Melee: +2 1d4 (Spread disease), bite
Melee: +1 1d4 subdual damage, fist
Melee: +1 1d4 slashing if holding an object

Listen: +6
Climb: +2
Jump: +2
Spot: -2

Fort: +4
Ref: +0
Will: +0

Supernatural: Spread Disease, Con 14, Con 12. otherwise infected unless remove disease is used before second incubation period. Incubation period is 2 days.


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