The Brawler

Intermediate Deity

Symbol: A star of spears and axes

Home Plane: Ysgard

Alignment: Chaotic good

Portfolio: Strength, athletics, sports, brawling, courage

Worshipers: Minotaurs, athletes, barbarians, and fighers

Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG

Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength

Favored Weapon: Greataxe

Kord ( kohrd ), deity of strength, appears as a hugely muscular minotaur (man in the Heironeian Pantheo, with long red hair and beard) with course red brown hair, and 3 foot ebony hooked horns. Wearing white dragonhide gauntlets, blue boots, and fighting girdle of red leather. A hedonistic being, he is known for tackling physical challenges of all sorts just for the fun of it. He is also reputed to have dallied with beautiful huans, elves, or even giants, and tales are told of the great heroes that are born of such liaisons. He fights with his intelligent dragon-slaying greataxe Kelmar, and when wounded he often enters an intense blood rage.


Kord loves physical challenges and contests, and he promotes non-lethal sports as a method for resolving disputes among his followers. His teachings say that the strong and fit should lead the weaker, and that bravery is the greatest quality anyone can have, ruler and citizen alike. Everyone should scorn cowardice, says Kord.

To the Minotaur’s his Dogma is the code of their honor and has been used to determine each of their rulers since the dawn of the Blood Empire. While the occasional casuality occurs during these blood matches dedicated to Kord, they’re seen as honorable sacrifices to the Deity.

Clergy and Temples

Kord’s clerics are expected to be leaders. They value strength but not domiantion. They train people to become stronger, organize athletic tournaments, and participate in challenging physical activities. Doubting their fitness is a grave insult, and they go to great lengths to prove their physical abilities (although they realize the difference between difficult and suicidal challenges). They favor attire in red and white.
Kord’s temples tend to be spacious and airy. They always include at least one gymnasium and usually extensive baths. They invariably have adjoining fields for athletic competitions.

The Minotaur cleric’s of Kord act as instructors teaching the youth in ways of combat and athletics. The head of their Clergy also form the administration for the Gold Horn Quadrathlon, in which the winners are hoisted as the pinicale of Minotaur Society and showered in lavish gifts, given seats in teh senate, and live lives of luxury.

Holy days, rituals, and sermons.

The Gold Horn Quadrathlon

is an event that takes place every 4 years, in the fourth month, on the fourth day. The Quadrathlon is considered to be the pinacle of Minotaur Athletics, and thus Athletics. The champions are boasted as being Avatars of Kord, and he has shown no discourse with this favor. The Quadrathlon itself is often revered by any followers of Kord though their version often differs from the original of the Minotaurs. The Gold Horn Quadrathlon is an atheltic multi-sport race that pits each Minotaur against his brothers in a set of 4 challenges. The first is a 50 kilometer cross country run to the Frozen River, from there the athletes must swim 2.5 kilometers to the Tips of the Frostbergs, they then must climb the cliff face of the Little Fang, a 300 foot sheer cliff, at the top of the cliff the next stage of the race stars, the Canoing, which starts with a 300 foot fall off the littlefalls and finishes at the end of Frozen River at the heart of the Imperial City. A number of athletes die each year in the Quadrathlon, ranging from drowning, to hypothermia, from mere exhaustion, to trama from falling.

The Gold Horn Quadrathlon is a National Holy Day as well, with the entire Minotaur nation being exempt from work and often cluttering the trail with spectators. It is not uncommon for spectators to take up their favorite part of the challenge, accompaning their favorite competitors for legs of the race. The completion of the Quadrathlon begins the Festival of Strength, a Four day afair in which each day is based upon a certain aspect of Kord.

The Festival of Strength

This Four day Festival proceeds the Gold Horn Quadrathlon. The Imperial City is decorated in Red and White, and recieves and influx of citizens from across the empire. The Festival honors Kord and his new Champion, along with Past Champions and Empirerors, as well as the Empire as a whole.

The First day of the Festival is known as The Day of Fortitude, or simply Fortify. It is the day in which the patrons of Kord revere his strength and that of their own. It is often honored with elaborate story tellings and plays which display the past history of the Empire. Their is a weight lifting competition in which past champions of the Gold Horn Quadrathlon judge on form, technique, and discipline as well as what ammount was lifted. Regular contests of Strength are displayed in the streets, such as Arm Wrestling, Boulder Throwing, Tree Hurling, and Horn Dancing. The Feast at the end of the day is usualy one of large roasted Pigs.

The Second day of the Festival is known as The Day of Competition, or simply Athleticism.


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