Dragon Wars

Chapter IV
The Lost Rider

Chapter IV: The Lost Rider

This Chapter will be the first militant chapter in the campaign. The party has gone from being individuals of The White Kingdom, to being a stand alone unit, to now being a part of a Contingent.

Slowly, slowly, their involvment with the Army will join until they have achieved great power, higher ranks, and are enfolded into the entire Army of the White Kingdom.

The Plot Line

The story this chapter wants to tell is how the Party over came the Blue Dragon Rider. Champion of Tiamat who is leading an army of 10,000 on an ambush to the recently left largely undefended White Kingdom.

The Beginning

The Story will start with the entrance of our main characters at the Three Tower Gate.

The Commandant will introduce our Party to their new Sergeant, Sergeant Romulous, who will be leading the contingent north into the Mountain in an attempt to close the Pass and stall the armies progress into the Kingdom.

Once the party is indoctrinated the Commandant will send them into the Third Tower to be teleported to the Temple in the heart of the Dwarven Mine City of (Insert Dwarven Name Here).

The Dwarven City

The Temple will have been deserted, upon closer inspection it was left in a hurry. Drawers half full, contents lying about the ground, tapers left to burn down to their wicks. On even closer inspection one will notice the windows are bared, and the outer doors look like they once were as well.

Upon leaving the forsaken temple the contingent will find the city to be likewise deserted. This will alarm the Sergeant and he will order the contingent back into the temple, while issuing Sir Kormion (who has been to the dwarven cities once before) to arrange a scouting party, while the rest of the contingent secure the temple and update the Commandant.

The Scouting
Further exploration will reveal that all locations have been abandoned. The nearby houses are in equal states of disregard, and blood can be found on a number of surfaces and the streets near the center. There is a 10% chance that the party will alert the presence of The Horde, while any loud noises will force another chance of 20% to alert it. A few buildings will reveal corpses that have been ravaged by what look like claws and teeth, close expection DC: 20 reveals the marks to be man made.

If the group explores 3 different buildings, in the third building a hidden family can be found with either verbal provoction or a DC: 20 / Take 20 search or listen. This dwarven family can inform the Contingent about the recent happening in the Mines.

What Has Happened
The Mines were poisoned By the Lost Rider’s minions to induce a Rage type virus that will spread to any of the Dwarves who come in contact with it. The Ore that poisoned the mine eventually seeped into the populace and became wide spread though contact with the infected. The infected then reached the incubation period and became volitile and began to decimate the populace, infected or not.

The dwarven Guard then pulled everyone out of the city district, abandoned the blockade of the mine district, and sealed themselves into the palace district.

The Contingent’s Advance
After hearing what the party has discovered the Sgt. will make an executive decision to advance to the main causeway that leads to many different exits to the mountain tops. Once their they will locate the mountain pass to be closed.

The contingent will fan out, 10 – 10 on each side of the main city streets, point inspecting each alley to insure no nasty surprises. Once the contingent meets the main street leading to the district exit, they will stay huddled to the shadows and progress quietly. Half-way down the street the lead scouts will report a large body of “infected” conregating near a building 4 blocks down. The Sgt. will issue a divert down the nearest alley, and a loop around. This divert will lead the contingent into another pack of infected, the Sgt. will decided to attempt to skirt this group. Eventually this group will become enraged and rush into the contingent, drawing the attraction of 1d4 addition groups of 1d6 enraged

Once the contingent clears the diversion, the rest of the trip will go unchallenged until they reach the doors… which have been barred and have an even larger gathering of infected congregating around outside. It is at this situation when The Madman will bring his powers to bare, placing at first the nearest group into a deep slumber, and then a second, and finally the rest of the group. Once the contingent sidesteps the slumbering infected, the realize the gate has been barred from the oustide…

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