The Broken Lance

The Broken Lance is the remaining contingent of the once famous Lance led by Captain Sir Frederick Wentworth. Captain Wentworth lead a lance in a dire charge during the last crusade and was defeated, his remaining Knights forced to withdraw through hostile territory.

The Remaining Knights

Sergeant Romulous Hubbard, Knight of the Lance. 3 Campaigns, Age 32
Lvl 4 Paladin
Bastard Sword + Shield — Half Plate

> Left Handed, short and barrell chested
Red Brown Hair, Fiery Beard that covers a scar that runs from a missing left ear to jaw.
Emerald Green eyes, and sun hardened and wind weathered skin. Coarse hair covered arms and legs.
Symbols of his faith branded into his left arm.
Wears a solid platnum symbol of Heirnous (the bolt not clenched) on a chain around his neck.

>Has worked with Corporal Blantch, Marcelous, VIctoria, Riggens, the Wymand Brothers, & Felix before.
Was Corporal for his previous campaign (along with Thaddeous), promoted over Thaddeous due to “insabordination”
Lost former Captain and sergeant and most of lance in failed raid during the last campaign
Romulous attended the College at Jordan and it was such reason given that they promoted him over Corporal Blantch,
and the other Knights remaining after their last campaign.

Corporal Thaddeous Blantch, Knight of the Lance, 5 Campaigns, Age 44
Lvl 5 Fighter
Greatsword — Half Plate

>Tall (6’3"), with a muscular build.
Scraggly Brown hair with a scraggly pockmarked face, with depigmentation wear face was burned on left side
Gruff unforgiving demenour, sour attitude, and bold eyes.

>Oldest remaining member of Lance, has fallen out of favor with superiors due to “insabordination” and “Lack of faith”
Has a Knack for killing, and savage instincts.
Loyal to a fault, though tough “love” is all he knows

1: Knight Marcelous Wilde, Knight of the Lance, 3 Campaigns, Age 28
Lvl 2 Paladin
Longsword + Shield — Breast Plate

>Average Non-descript individual. Short Kept brown hair, light brown eyes, plain face.
Wears the mark of Heironeous on his palms.
Outside of shield is embroiled with a mythril symbol of Heirnous

>Marcelous is one of the few original surviving members of this lance
Was saved multiple times by Corporal Blantch, believes Blantch to be saintly.

2: Knight Jessible Jhung, Knight of the Lance, 3 Campaigns, Age 29
Lvl 2 Cleric
Longsword + Shield — Breast Plate

>A lithe female, her build hiding her strength, untypical of Female Knights
Her body is decorated in a myiad of symbols to Heironeous, each applied during a holy day, or after some great happening
She has long brown hair with streaks of gold, her face would have a natural beauty if it was not hidden under symbols to her God.
Her face is adorned with the holy trinity, the sword across her brow, the tomb on her forehead, and the bolt running to the cleft to her chin.

>Was being raised to priest hood when her sinewy strength and natural talent at arms was noted by a chaplain and her training diverted
Spent 3 campaigns under Blantch, having her left saved as many times if not more.
She beleives Heironeous to be her only love, and has no thoughts for males
Graduated from The Cathedrial at Mt. Saint Melwood.

3: Knight Gregor Riggens, Knight of the Lance, 3 Campaigns, Age 48
Lvl 2 Fighter
Warhammer + Shield — Breast Plate
Heavy Crossbow

A naturally solid build for one of his kind. He has deep sunk brown eyes with a furrowed brow that is covered in corse brown hair.
His arms are coated in hair along with the entirey of his hands up to his nails. His beard is braided resting just above where his navel would be
The tip of his nose is missing, but is oft concealed by his helmet. His teeth are a rotten brown color and his breath foul of decay.

>The dwarf is good natured and boistors. Perfering to laugh and make jokes at the expensive of others than to take anything too seriously.
Constantly needing a good harping by his superiors to shut up or take to his tasks as assigned.
Is a skilled warrior who has weathered many of Blantches verbal assults.

4: Knight Heirold Wymand, Knight of the Lance, 3 Campaigns, Age 28
Lvl 2 Fighter
Longsword + Shortsword — Chain Shirt

>Straw Blonde hair that is cut to fall on his shoulders. Steel grey eyes that speak of ageless wisdom. A strong jaw, solid shoulders, and a straight back.
The man has a thin mouth, narrow nose, and a light complection. His arms are hairless and his voice calm and collect.

>Having fought with the Band since they were formed, was one of Corporal Blantchs original pages, and served him as squire on his first two campaigns before sponsord by Blantch.
His younger brother, often mistaken as a twin, was Blantch other page and squire, knighting a year after his brother and joining them on their next campaign.

5: Knight Wendyl Wymand, Knight of the Lance, 2 Campaigns, Age 24
Lvl 1 Cleric : 1 Fighter
Longsword + Shield — Breast Plate

>Wendyl looks like his brother’s twin. Straw Blond hair that while the length of his brothers is oft tied back. The same steel grey eyes, and solid composure

>Wendyl like his brother was a Page for Blantch, surving him as a squire, and then being sponsored by the grizzled Corporal.
Wendyl is one of the youngest to ever reach knighthood. Resulting from the sponsorship of Blantch and his brother.
While his brother is more of a straight combatant, Wendyl always though Heironeous should be their first duty.

6: Knight Cato Yuman, Knight of the Lance, 2 Campaigns, Age 26
Lvl 1 Fighter
Longsword + Shield — Chain Shirt

>Cato has slimmer features than most Knights. While others are Brawn, Muscle, and Tall, Cato is of average height and of lesser build giving him a wiry look.
What Cato lacks in build, he makes up for in agilty, with eyes like a hawk and reflexes like cat. Cato has eyes that luminess in the night giving him the look of an animal at night

>It is suggested that Cato is not full human, and that his line may be tainted with elven blood, wich would explain his eyesight and undersized build.
Cato’s farther is an influential Knight of Justice who retired from The Services, and joined the Brotherhood. His position served to get Cato in Knighthood despite
his lackluster consitution, questionable lineage, and less than masterful skill with a blade.

7: Knight Heirold Mythril, Knight of White, 1 Campaigns, Age 24
Lvl 1 Fighter
Longsword + Dagger — Breast Plate
Throwing Daggers

>The man bears no resemblance to his patron name sake. The man skin is fair despite years toiling in the sun,
His hair is a fiery mop of red which tangles and knots even with constant tending. His eyes are a vivid green which dance in the sun.
Where his patron lord was the perfect specimen of the human condition, Heirold was lacking in brawn and size, and was often caught with the wracking cough.
He was slow of foot speed, and his skill with a blade was certainly not the best, though he did poses a fine ability to throw knives.

> Heirold, like the rest of his family, was pressed into Knighthood. Unlike the rest of his overtly pious family however, Heirold did not seek out the brotherhood, or the ranks of the order.
Instead he settled upon merely becoming a secular knight, and to leave the piousness to his kin.
Heirold has a certain disdain for pressed religion, and undue process of faith, in fact he even forsakes his name seeing it unfitting monicker and goes by Mythril.

8: Squire “Lemmy” Renier Lemmoire, ^ Campaign, Age 15
Lv 1 Rogue
Shortbow — Leathers

“Lemmy” is a slender short youth, lacking the build to be a Knight, and a runt of his fathers litter. He has dark hair that grows straight and long, with thin lips and sharp lines. His eyes a deep blue and are constantly brooding.

“Lemmy” was a squire for his father Sir Renouart Lemmoire who had been with the Contingent for as long as it had been founded, serving as Corporal. When “Lemmy’s” father died on the last campaign, “Lemmy” had no where else to go, and begged to stay on with the Contingent. As such Sgt. Blantch took “Lemmy” on as his squire, though he has no false hope that “Lemmy” may actually amount to knighthood. The boy is to devious, sly, and unscrupulous for such a life.

9: Knight Cressandra Smolder, Knight of White, 1 Campaign, Age 23
Lvl 1 Warrior
Bastard Sword — Breast Plate

>As far as Knights are conserned, Cressandra is of average build, as to females, she is slightly above average in her physic.
Her hair is a shoulder length chestnut, her face accute and strong, showing a constant disciplined vissage.
Her arms and shoulders are well muscled through years of practice with weaponry.

>Cressandra failed to find a sponsor after her first campaign after both her superior officers were slain after her first campaign.
Her life was saved by Blantch during their last encounter, and as such she could not face asking him to provide sponsership.

10: Knight Theodore Quoth, Knight of Whie, ^ Campaign, Age 22
Lvl 1 Warrior
Longsword + Shield — Breast Plate

>Theodore has a foreign look to him, in fact his skin is 5 summers too dark for any inhabitant of The White Kingdom.
His eyes are a murky bleakness, his hair a jet black too dark to be natural. While his practiced tongue is native, it unwatched often strays to foriegn words and strange announciations.
Indeed even the style in which he fights is foriegn, a much more fluid motion than the strength and rigidty uniformly practiced among most Knights.

>Quoth is the Son of naturalized merchants from the U.P.R. by way of The Dunes. His parentage bought their nationalities, as well as Quoth’s pagentry.
While toiling as youth far to young to be a page, it took him twice as for his father to find a buyer to allow him to squire.
One of the eldest Squires ever in the history of The Kingdom, it was only by the embaressment of his Knight’s Superiors that Quoth earned his spurs.
As such it is often said that Quoth may be the only knight to have ever BOUGHT his Knighthood, even though in truth this is false, it feels no less true.

11: Knight Heira Gringor, Knight of White, ^ Campaign, Age 19
Lvl 1 Paladin
Longsword + Shield — Half Plate

>Where Heirold disregares his namesake and beffuldes his imagry, Heira embraces it.
This female could often be mistaken for male, and usually is in full regalia, with her solid 6’1" frame,
of burly muscle and barrel chested, square shoulders and powerful thighs and cafes.
Her hair is a dark brown, looking black when wet, that is kept shorn short to allow her helmet a better fit.
Where her body may dissuaid a male looking for a companion, her face, while hardened with discipline, offers an exotic beauty lost among females.

>Heira was the only Daughter of Lord Major Chaplain Robert Gringor, Knight of Justice, Knight of the Shinning Fist, Knight of the Lance, Grand Master of the Cavaliers of Purple Valor, Knight of The Circle of The Storm.
As such her life and path in the military was only natural. Her Fathers sponsorship allowed her swift access to the Ranks of Knighthood, not that anyone doubted that she would have been able to do so on her own.
Anyone to raise such a baseless claim quickly finds their honor challenged and then summarily lost.

12: Knight Derold Nott, Knight of White, ^ Campaign, Age 20
Lvl 1 Warrior
Maul — Breast Plate

>To refer to Derold as a fine specimine would be like calling Mithril a precious metal.
An easy way to describe Derold’s phsyc would be to say that he was a 6’2" dwarf.
His arms the size of another Knight’s leg, Barrel Chested, his leg resembling small trees.
His jaw is square, his head a brick sat upon muscle that rests on his shoulders, a normal neck all but absent.
His head is kept clean shaven, his face in perpetulant shadow. His brow constantly furrowed, dark blue eyes boiling in constant anger.

>This brute of Knight failed out of three schools his father placed him into before simply being allowed to earn his Knighthood the old fashioned way.
Derold was most recently Blantch squire, before the old Knight sponsored him to Knighthood after a single campaign.
To Say that Derold was dumb would be unfair, it is rather the way in which he applies himself and his rough nature that caused his academic failings.
Derold would give his life to save Blantch, as he was the only Knight to offer to take Derold on as a squire after he was well past that age and had never been a Paige.

13: High Wizard Nathaniel Pepridge, “the madman”, 9th Campaign, Age Unknown

14: Knuut Heinrich, 4th Campaign, Age 32
Lv. 4 Ranger
Long Spear

Knuut is an aging man, who has more than a few scars from maltrained dogs. His body order is almost as overpowering as the smell of stale ale on his breath. His hair is balding with only a trail of hair remaining on each side of his head, the top all but lost. His eyes are greedy and he looks just as likely to stab you in the back as he would to protect it. In all he is not well liked among the company, though he has a tolerable relationship with Blantch, and as such Knuut is given grudging respect by the contingent.

Knuut is a kennel master who has been with the Contingent for two campaigns now, his lot cast in with the Broken Lance. Knuut is viewed as a drunkard by his superiors, and they would prefer him out of harms way and thus his assignment has been made perminant.

The Broken Lance

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